Steilacoom Kitchen Countertops


New kitchen countertops are an important investment, and not just in monetary terms. The type of material used and the precision in the countertop fabrication, as well as the installation, have a big impact on:

  • The convenience of working in the kitchen area
  • Décor of the kitchen
  • Resale value of the property

Needless to say, you should make well-thought-out, informed decisions on your kitchen countertop project. Let 4Evergreen Countertops help you with all your needs for kitchen countertops in Steilacoom, WA area.

From supplying quality countertop materials, fabricating customized kitchen countertops, and installing them professionally, we do it all.

Our technicians offer creative kitchen countertop ideas to create attractive and functional spaces in your kitchen area. Call today to learn about kitchen countertops options available.

Learn why we are the experts for kitchen countertops in the Steilacoom area.

Steilacoom Bathroom Countertops


We are also proud to be the foremost source for elegant, efficient and durable bathroom countertops in or around Steilacoom. At our store, we carry several countertop materials that are perfect for use in the bathroom.

Primarily, the material for bathroom countertops should be:

  • Hard-wearing and not damaged easily by moist conditions
  • Able to bear the impact of appliances such as hair-dryers
  • Resistant to staining by soap, shampoo, and chemicals

Come to us for the best bathroom countertop materials available. After helping you select the right product for your bathroom countertops, we offer the services of highly skilled fabricators and installers.

We have also invested in top-of-the-line machinery to ensure the utmost precision in the fabrication of your bathroom countertops.

Steilacoom Countertop Materials


Ever since setting up our family-owned company in 2006, we have strived to provide our kitchen or bathroom countertops customers with maximum value for their money.

Our first step towards achieving this objective is offering a wide range of top-quality countertop materials for Steilacoom area home and business owners. These are:

  • Procured from reputable, reliable sources
  • Carefully examined to ensure that all slabs are flawless
  • Available in several patterns and colors
  • Fabrication resulting in strong, high-performing countertops

We offer countertop materials in marble, quartz, granite, recycled glass, green (eco-friendly), and more.

Looking for the best in selection and fabrication for kitchen countertops in the Steilacoom area? Want to learn about bathroom countertops options? Call 4Evergreen Countertops at (253) 777-3009.

We offer free design help and a free estimate on the bathroom or kitchen countertops you select.